Welcome to the Blog!

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December 7, 2016

Hello fellow creatives! My name is Riley Rheyan, and welcome to my Film & Television Blog!

I'm thrilled you are here, because we're a lot alike you and me. We both like watching Netflix a little too much because it's *ahem* research!... Right?

In part this is why I wanted to start a blog about film and tv, it's my career and my passion, if it's yours too my hope is that you will feel right at home here! This blog is about everything film and tv. I'm a filmmaker in my mid 20's grinding away in the industry, paying my dues and navigating the muddy waters of the many many ways to form a career as an independent creator.

So a little backstory on myself, I've been working in the film and television industry in Vancouver (AKA Hollywood North) in various roles since 2011. I wanted to work in movies since I was five and I got into the film industry as soon as I possibly could! I begged my mom to let me quit school when I was 12 and start working, in my opinion school was for people who didn't know what they wanted to do but I didn't have that problem! My mum was not convinced so at 18 I got outta dodge, moved to Vancouver and went straight to film school.

I'm nothing short of obsessed with the film industry, I have other interests but this is my passion and practically everything I do is geared towards it. Currently I split my time between working union and non-union, when I work in the union world I work as a Producer or Director Assistant which thankfully gives me an opportunity to learn a lot on the job and network with people. When I work non-union I spend my time writing and directing.
In this Blog, I will be writing about; what's currently happening in the industry, interviews, my own thoughts, conclusions, reviews as well as assets and tools for you, my fellow filmmaker! I was driven to start this blog as a way to continue my writing habit, an outlet to put my thoughts on film and my research to good use rather than have it collect dust in my many notebooks. Working 'Above The Line' in Film and TV is the Unicorn of Careers, no two people have the same journey to success. My hope is that this blog can help even a little!

So subscribe, follow and send me a message, let me know what you want to read about and what your hopes are for your career. I wanna get to know who you are!