CBiM Short Film (2020)

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November 1, 2019
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September 10, 2018

The Script


Riley spent time pouring over Jessica's Art, Poetry, Journal entries and interviewed Jessica's Mother Monique Tirshman. From there she formed the story and wrote the script. Every draft had input from Monique with Jessica's Art and poetry woven into the fabric of the story at every opportunity.

Starring Cassie Collis & Mattie Shisko, CBiM is an Artistic Drama Short Film shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS IN MARCH centers on Jessica, a young artistic introvert who wants nothing more than to go to college and live a normal life but is held back by cystic fibrosis a terminal illness. In order to deal with her thoughts and emotions she explores her own mortality through art and poetry in this mother-daughter story.

CBiM explores the use of At Overlays within it's storytelling, based on actual works of art by the real life Jessica. Elements of her experiences from her art are recreated digitally and placed onto the real world shots within the film.

"This script is strongly visual, emotional, and stylish with a gripping parent-child drama holding it together, told in a unique way that must be seen to be experienced. And yet, the script is so well-written and lean that we can see it clearly in our heads, understand all the transitions, and connect with the characters. Although it's understandably a little difficult to read because of the production draft format, the descriptions are lean, well-described and powerful. At one point, it was believed that Jessica may live when she fights back with every bit of resolve and optimism she had when she lay dying, when she began physical therapy and, finally, began her life. The visual, emotional way the writer wrote those scenes are absorbing and produce anticipation over the final cut of the film that will eventually come. Then, when she does die, our heart sinks, especially from the well-done transitions between moments from the past and present, beginning and end from the plants and pay-offs. Overall, the story is solid and the presentation is creative and stylish with a full understanding of the screenwriting and film mediums, leading to an emotional tragic mother-daughter story."
- New York International Screenplay Awards (2019)

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