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Giggleitis (2015)

Starving Student (2015)
May 8, 2015
Studio Photoshoot (2013)
January 4, 2013

Producer, Director, Writer, & Actor

Produced, written, and directed by Riley Rheyan, GIGGLEITIS is a mockumentary that chronicles the real life hardships of people affected by this terrible, horrific, life altering, fake disease.

Riley created the short with her production company In The Gutter Films. She controlled all aspects of the film, and brought the piece to life.

The story follows a young mother, a friend, and a married couple who bravely tell their stories of how Giggleitis affects their everyday lives.

Starring Micky Overman (Sweet Things, 2017) & Brad Graham (Sassy Brad, YouTube): Through tears, pain and lots of laughter (though not the good kind of laughter), they divulge the painful truth of a life spent in unwanted merriment. It's not just those with this fake disease that suffer... This independent short film was shot in Burnaby, British Columbia.