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No Reservations (2017)

The Arrangement (2017)
March 5, 2017
Modern Glam Photoshoot (2017)
February 25, 2017

Production Manager

Written and directed by Trevor Carroll, NO RESERVATIONS is political a satire inspired by the true-life events of the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

Riley was the Production Manager, reporting directly to Producers. She worked closely with all heads of department to ensure that production ran smoothly, meeting deadlines, and staying within budgets.

Bravely challenging its viewer from the perspective of both First Nations and Caucasian cultures, the film presents a unique point of view in its statement, and a voice of accountability to the Indigenous people of North America.

Starring Lorne Cardinal (Corner Gas, 2004-2009) as Joseph Stillwater, No Reservations aims to provide an alternative point of view of the political threads that have become so tense after the events in North Dakota. Protests erupt as an Indigenous Corporation attempts to build a pipeline under an unsuspecting neighbourhood as both sides declare their voices in this independent short film shot in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.