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Starving Student (2015)

Boudoir Photoshoot (2015)
December 28, 2015
Giggleitis (2015)
January 28, 2015

Producer, Director, Writer, & Actor

Produced, written, and directed by Riley Rheyan, STARVING STUDENT is a satirical PSA chronicling the hardships of students from first world countries.

Riley created the short with her production company In The Gutter Films. She controlled all aspects of the film, and brought the piece to life.

A satirical comedy by the average student body, ‘Starving Student’ is a PSA that begs the question; “Why do we have to pay for schooling where in other countries it’s free?”, all while maintaining a serious grasp on comedy.

Starring Breann Grainger (Supernatural, 2014) & Brian Cyburt (The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story, 2015), Starving student asks the right questions but keeps you laughing and it knows it’s place- giving attention to the fact that we are lucky to have the ability to get an education and live in a first world country. This independent short film was shot in Burnaby, British Columbia.